The Janice Earrings


These earrings are named after my Grandma, Janice, who passed away this year. She made a small, but mighty, impact on the world around her and definitely left it a better place! Thank you for everything you gave to me, taught to me and helped raised me to love.

Each earring is made with Carnation Petals and Lily-of-the-Valley flowers and is available in 14k Gold Filled or Antique Copper! Bezel style is a gorgeous half circle with a metallic black background to capture the classiness of each piece and petal.

If you enjoy the Floriography (meanings) behind each flower, the Carnation is known for a Mother’s Eternal Love as well as Heartache, and the Lily-of-the-Valley is known for the Return of Happiness. I felt like these 2 flowers were very much how I see my Grandma, both in memories and in her passing. I hope they resonate with you in heartfelt way as well!

IMPORTANT: All pieces are custom made and will vary from photographs seen on the website. Inventory levels and supply chain constraints will determine the delivery time of your piece(s).

If you would like a certain number of  each petal, please include that information in the Notes section. It will extend the time of delivery, but will be so special and exclusive to you!

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14k Gold Filled, Antique Copper

Flower Charm

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